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I get this error on a Windows 2000 Server.


This is kind of a bummer, since all I'm doing is closing Retrospect.


Sometimes, Retrospect hangs on a job, or it hangs when ejecting a tape. So, I then try to close or shutdown the application. Retrospect then crashes, but leaves the retrospect.exe process running. I can't kill the retrospect.exe process, so it starts eating memory, until it blue-screens the server.


This is pretty bad, is there any solution for this? Retrospect really works well for us, but the fact that it can bring down the server when it's having a problem is a serious concern.

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Wow- Retrospect 5.x is pretty bullet-proof when it comes to memory management. I hate to say it but I suspect there are larger problems at hand.


You could try a full uninstall/Reboot/Reinstall and that will eliminate the possiblity of Retrospect corruption. The bad news is you will have to recreate your scripts and such.


As a test you can move your existing Retrospect folder to another computer and launch retrospect from there. If Retrospect runs then you can assume that it is handling the memory properly.




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