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Missing Snapshots (?)

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I tried to recover some files from a specific date range via Snapshots. I ended up doing it via Search because there were fewer Snapshots to choose from than I had done backups. Does Retrospect not store a Snapshot with every incremental backup? I know most of the wall clock time it takes to do a backup is spent "Building Snapshot...", so I assumed each backup created a Snapshot. I know I did more backups than I have Snapshots because this is a classified system and I have to make a log entry for each backup.

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A snapshot should be stored for each session, unless the backup failed with a crash or freeze. In some cases stopped by operator may also result in a missing snapshot.


Just to make sure, you clicked on "add snapshot", right?


Check the log for the backup that correspond with the missing snapshots. If it doesn't say "completed successfully", then that could the cause.

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