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How to save script

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Same problem:




migration of Retrospect from an olsd server to a new one, using existing backup sets, scripts and selectors




Replacing, following your tip, the ...55.dat file Retrospect asks me for the keyword. But it doesn't accept the keyword.




Note: purchased Retrospect previous to 5.6 and then updated to 5.6 using the same keyword.




Is there any solution?

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Keyword? Are you referring to the password? If your previous copy of Retrospect was password protected, transferring the config files will ensure that your new copy of Retrospect is password protected with the same password. If you don't know this password, you'll need to start your scripts, etc. over from scratch.




Or are you referring to the license code? Please be more specific about what code Retrospect is asking for, and when the code is being requested. Also, note any error messages you may be seeing.

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Firs of all: many thanks for the quick reply.




This is what is happening:




Rename config55.dat to config55.datold


Copy \\oldserver....config55.dat to \\newserver.....config55.dat


Start retrospect


Insufficient Licence ... cannot ... with this OS ....


I enter the license code


"Sorry, that code failed. (licence code expired)".




We have two licence codes. May be the first one is for a free trial and is expired.




So I restart retrospect and intend with the other code:


first message the same, but after entering the licence code it says:


"Needs code for Retrospect workgroups backup or similar product"




We don't have more licence codes to try.


Is it that I did anything wrong when I installed Retrospect on the new server?




Server data:


The old server had WIN 2000 with travan tape and worked pretty good.


Then the old server changed to WIN 98 with travan tape and worked good.


The new server is WIN 2000 again, but with a hard disk in stead of a new HP tape that we still don't have (HP and Compaq .... that is another story). There fore we want to backup to hard disk.




Best regards Ralf

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Good morning Amy,




After trying a bit, seems that you're right. Our Hardware and System people (external secialist who never tells us all detail and who only visit us when there is no problem) just confirmed that it is not the same Win 2000 as in the old server. I'll have im change the licence code at Dantz.




Never the less, Tanks a lot.




Good night, I go home now. It's 17:30 pm in Madrid ;-)

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