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Win2K SP3 Issues?

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Are there any known issues with Win2K SP3and Retrospect Destop 5.6? I've been using Destop 5.6 Win successfully on a stand-alone Dell workstation under Sp2 to do immediate local backups to Travan tapes for months. I updated to SP3, and now Retrospect wanders off into the wilderness: 10 hours into a usual 2 hour backup and there is no tape activity, just a periodic disk access light blink. I can't even bring up the Windows task manager to see what's going on. Neither Retrospect nor the Windows Explorer responds.

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I can't speak for "known issues." But I was running W2K SP2 and RDB5.6 and started having some problems ("-102 error communicating"). When I (and Dantz) couldn't find a fix, I started to think about a clean format and reinstall but when SP3 came out I tried that. For whatever reason (an actual fix, restore/overwrite of some DLLs, ??) it fixed my problem. I ran RDB5.6 without probelms for several weeks after that. I've since upgraded to RP6.0 and it's also doing fine on that W2K SP3 PC.



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