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Invisible Local Subnet Clients


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Hi, we've got the Retrospect Workgroup Edition for our peer-to-peer networking, and not all clients are showing in the Live Network window. Whenever I perform a test, Live Network recognizes the client and its IP address but still doesn't show it on its window for me to add. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

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All workstation have only one NIC card and one TCP/IP setup. By "setup Subnet broadcasting with-in Retrospect," what do you mean exactly? There's not much option with the license that my company purchased. When adding clients, what it sees is what we get. And it chose to make 3 workstations invisible though still recognizing they exist when testing communication. On the Dantz control panel of the said workstations, it is still awaiting first time activation.




We are using Retrospect version 5.6 Workgroup Edition. Please advise.







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No, there is only one subnet. I called tech support, and they suspected it had something to do with the router config--it had to be bi-directional for the udp packets to transfer through. Anyway, I tried that, and it didn't work. I took the next step and checked out my Cisco switcher config, and a couple of boxes, unicast and multicast, on the invisible clients weren't checked as they were on the visible ones. I copied the configuration, and poof, just like magic, they appeared on Dantz Retrospect. Next thing to do now is initiate the first full back-up of our network; I'm crossing my fingers. Thanks for your time. And thanks for trying to help. Regards, Edwin.

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