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Error 103

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I just installed Retrospect Desktop v5.6 and the newest device driver (v3.1) on an IBM NetVista.


When I attempted to backup to the internal CD-RW drive (Lite-On LTR-16102B), Firmware revision OUS3, connected to the secondary IDE controller, device 1, I received the following message:


error - 103 (unexpected beginning of media).




This desktop only has Easy CD Creator v4.05 installed (no DirectCD). The secondary IDE controller, device 2 is a Hitachi DVD-ROM GD-8000 drive. The desktop is running Windows 2000 SP2.




So far I receive this error message with 4 different CD-RW medias.




Is this CD-RW drive not supported by Retrospect Backup v5.6? How about the new v6?









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