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Backup to a network drive


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I am trying to back up to a network drive on a windows 2000 machine. The network drive is protected by a user name and password. When I run Retrospect Express from my desktop, I have no problems, but if I try to automate it, I get an error that the archive file can't be found.


I have a theory that when I'm logged in I have access to the network drive, but that the automated version of retrospect logs on as a different user? Has anyone else seen this? Any other theories?





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Users will sometimes need to reconfigure the launcher service for custom login to network volumes.




Windows 2000/XP


1. Open the Services Control Panel under Administrative Tools.


2. Select Retrospect Launcher, stop the service and then click the Startup button.


3. In the "Log On As" section select This Account. LocalSystem will appear in the field to the right.


4. Change "LocalSystem" to the account you want to use and then enter your password in the two password fields.


5. Restart the Launcher Service.



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