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Samba Maps

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I have seen several other posts on the forums about samba having sporadic network problems. I am using backup server and have a mapped drive on a Solaris box through a samba server. This map works perfectly except in Retrospect. I have added the mapped drive to the backup server script and when run it just sits there with 'source' showing.




Any ideas?

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A created a backup script with no schedule and then ran it from the immediate tab. The backup is now running correctly. It did however prompt me for user password which I was not expecting so I will investigate that on the samba side.


When I had this added in to the backup server script I could get past the 'source' message by first going in to the volumes tab and opening the map (which also prompted for a password) - the backup server would then scan the files and upon completion of the scan would reboot itself!


For now I guess the script gives me a workaround. Can I schedule the script and have it run when nobody is logged in to the machine?

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