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Catalog out of synch on XP Desktop Backup

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I keep getting catalog out of synch error on Windows XP Pro with a Seagate Travan USB tape drive.


Here is what I have tried to do to fix this so far:




1. Rebuild the catalog


2. Disabled System restore


3. Updated the driver for the tape drive via Windows Update


4. Downloaded and installed Retrospect 5.6 driver update 3.0


5. Erase the media (tape) and tried a scripted backup and immediate backup again


6. Tried to do a recycle backup


7. Erased my hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP and reinstalled retropspect




This started happening when I had to move Retrospect to another computer along with the config55.dat, config55.bck and the catalog files




At this point I don't mind starting with a brand new backup script I just don't know what else to try at this point. I know the next step is to try a backup to new media but it will take about a week for me to get the expense approved and ordered and shipped and in the meantime no backups.




Any suggestions??

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After some more digging (and I mean digging) I found this article in the knowledgebase article:








Catalog out of sync appending to tape under Windows XP




With certain tape drives you may see a catalog out of sync error when


attempting to append to a backup set when running under Windows XP with Retrospect 5.6. This is caused by extra polling added in Windows XP to various tape drivers. Particularly affected are Travan drives using ATAPI, USB, or IEEE 1394 transports.




To solve this problem, upgrade to Retrospect 5.6.132.






I was running Retrospect 5.6.127.




However, going to the site downloads and clicking updates only shows retrospect Driver Update 3.0 (which I did install). I could find no where on the whole site to download this update. Finally through trial and error I was able to download this update off the Dantz ftp site here:






Now I can run with no out of synch errors.




It would be real nice if Dantz could post this on the updates page for Retrospect Desktop for Windows it would have saved me:


--$100 on a new 3 pack of tapes (at least I can eventually use these)


-- Several hours of wasted time


-- 2 weeks of no backups for our whole company

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