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Execution Errors

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I have been attempting to backup a drive on my server and everytime it gets to a certain point I get a message that says the execution was abnormally stopped and to see the log for details.




when I look at the log it does not show anything, however, when I look at a report I see error 1115 (disk full) but I have at least 2GB left on the drive.




Anyone else have this problem before?





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It appears that you are hitting a 4GB file size limitation of a drive


formatted in FAT32. File backup sets are limited to the maximum file size


allowed by the file system used to format the disk:




o FAT: 2 GB


o FAT32: 4 GB


o NTFS: 1 TB




If you were running Windows NT or 2000, you could reformat the drive in NTFS


(or convert it).




In order to get around the 4GB file size limitation in FAT32, you have two






You can break your backup into multiple backup sets, making sure each set is


below 4GB. The easiest way to accomplish this is to break up your source


volume into subvolumes (from Configure > Volumes), and select these as


sources for different backup sets.




You can also choose to use Retrospect's "Duplicate" function, which will


make an exact copy of your hard disk in Windows format. The disadvantage to


the Duplicate function is that compression will not be supported, as the


data will be kept in Windows format. However, the 4GB file size limit will


not come into play here. Another disadvantage of using Duplicate is that


the registry will not be copied to the external hard disk using Retrospect


Express. if you are using Desktop, make sure you turn the option to copy


the Registry on under Options > Windows > System > System State.




What is the difference between backups and Duplicate?




* Backups copy files in a proprietary format only accessible using


Retrospect. Duplicate copies files in Windows format so they can be opened


or used right on the backup disk without having to go through Retrospect.




* Backups can employ compression whereas Duplicate cannot.




* Backups can save old data incrementally so files deleted from the source


are still available in the backup. Duplicate basically keeps a mirror image


of the source so each Duplicate operation destroys previous data and only


retains the current files.






How do you do a Duplicate?




(This can be done manually or with a script).




1. Immediate > Duplicate.


2. Select the hard drive or folder you want copied.


3. Select the hard drive you want to store your data on.


4. Make any necessary changes in options or in what files you want copied


and click Duplicate. It's that simple.




Subsequent Duplicate operations will be incremental, only copying files that


have been modified or are new.




Retrospect Express for Windows does not copy the registry during the


"Duplicate" operations, only during Backup.



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Thanks for this. However all of my drives are formatted for NTFS (at least the ones that I am trying to backup) and I have done many backups in the past that were well over any kind of file limitation size.




I did end up getting the backup done yesterday after I changed the prefs to verif off, don't backup windows security information and don't set MAC OS source vol backup time.




Why would that affect it?








ps.. do these file size limitations only apply to retrospect?

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It isn't your source that is the problem. The Destination has to be NTFS too.


But it doesn't sound like this is your issue.




These file limitations are windows limitations. We work around this in the new 6.0 version due out soon.




I do not know why changing those options would help you finish your backup and get around the 1115 if the backup is over 4gb. Unless its under 4gb total and the security information made it over.




only thing I can think of....



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