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Update Backup Report Options Greyed out.

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Using Retrospect Serversion 5.6.132, Trying to make a Duplicate Script, however the Option for UPdate Backup Report is Greyed out. I have 17 other Duplicate Scripts that are all running fine, and that option is available to be checked. However on this script I am checking the option to Move the files. When I do this I can no longer check the update backup Report. This is funny as under the options box in question, is says not available because Move is turned off? I have it on, I do want to move these files? And even so why would I not want to update the backup report if I move the files?




Anyone have any ideas on this one?












Terry Dickson

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Thanks for your response, however why is the update report turned off? We still want to monitor those functions also. This would have been more apparant if you had said the options was unavailable because the move was turned on, you might want to check on that in the next release.







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