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windows workgroup server and mac os x client

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I can't get the windows server to see the clients. When I use the 'test' tab in the clients window with the DNS or IP address of the Mac OS X client, I can see it just fine. But, I can't see it in the client list. Is this a basic incompatiblity or am I doing something wrong?! My server has 20 client licenses built in to it, only 8 of which are use. We have many Mac boxes (mostly running OS X) which we would like to back up. Thanks for any help. - Yossie

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It's my understanding that Retrospect for Windows 5.6 doesn't support Mac OS X clients. This capability should be available with Retrospect 6.0, according to the reply I received to my query shortly after the 6.0 announcement was posted.




- Gary

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