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Disaster Recovery CD Problem

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Back in March I downloaded the Windows trial version of Retrospect Desktop 5.6, specifically to test the Disaster Recovery CD & Live Restore features, the two things which would convince me to upgrade from version 5.11.




I use Windows 2000 SP2 on a 2 disk IDE raid, setup as one large boot partition.




I tested Live Restore with a couple of restores to revert my system from various simulated "failed" software installations: it appeared to work.




But the Disaster Recovery CD did not work, since it was unable to install the third party boot disk raid driver, nor could I install it using the familiar Windows 2K installation procedure for such boot drivers.




At the time, I was told on the phone that this problem was to be solved in an update of 5.6, but there is no program update yet on the WWW site.




Is there an ETA on a solution to the problem for 5.6? Can I try the beta of version 6.0, perhaps?







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