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backup failure when using "My Computer Container"

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Odd behavior with Retrospect.




First, some background. I have a Windows 2000 server, running Retrospect 5.6 Server, that backs itself up to tape. I set the scripts up to backup the My Computer Container, where there are two logical drives, C: & D:. For the past 11 months or so, this has worked just fine. Now, for no reason that I can discern, the C: drive isn't getting backed up, and the D: drive is getting backed up incompletely.




I adjusted my scripts so that they now back up the C: drive & the D: drive as separate components, and a test shows that that works as expected. So, in a sense, the problem has been resolved. However, I'd sure like to know why it *stopped* working, with no warning.




It's sort of distressing, simply because I'd prefer that a backup software be very boring and predictable...not coming up with weird behavior all the time.




Thanks in advance!

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When you say it stopped working....what did it do? DId it give you an error on the C drive? Did it ignore the C drive and just skip it? <---I do not believe this is possible as we would still write something to the log about this. Let us know.....

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Hi Melissa,




Per the log, Retrospect resolves the My Computer Container to two disks, the C: and D:, and then proceeds to backup the D: drive; it totally ignores the C: drive, and doesn't even leave an entry in the log.




I guess what I would have expected would be for it to say that the C: drive had no files to copy or something like that...?

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