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If you would like to specify directories as sources for backup, we have to define them as subvolumes.




When you are in the confirmation window for an Immediate backup (Ready to Execute), click on the Sources button which will take you to the Volume Selection window.




Highlight the hard drive containing the folders you would like to backup, and click the Subvolume button.




Navigate to the folder you would like to backup, and click Define.




You can now select this folder as a source to be backed up, instead of the entire hard drive.




Repeat this process if you would like to define more than one Subvolume.




To select more than one subvolume for backup, use Ctrl + click to highlight multiple folders.




Then click OK and it will bring you to your desintation selection. Choose where you want to backup to. Then go to Preview....on the preview screen you can pick individual files.









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The only way to selectively backup files automatically in Retrospect is to create customized selectors under Special > Selectors. We generally recommend either backing up the entire drive, or using subvolumes rather then attempting to backup individual files.




Selectors are tricky. You need to make sure that the selection criteria themselves are correct, and then you need to make sure they've been linked correctly.




A good rule of thumb is to make sure that unrelated criteria are linked by "or." For example, how do you select a folder whose name is "Applications" AND whose name is "System Folder?" It's impossible. But it makes much more sense to select a folder whose name is "Applications" OR whose name is "System Folder."




Another good thing to remember is to "check" your Selector. Do this by, in your Selector edit window, selecting "Check Selector" from the Selector menu. Choose a volume and Retrospect will apply your Selector to that volume in real-time. This will save you having to wait until a backup to see if it's been set up correctly.



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