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Backup hangs

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We've got the Workgroup Retrospect, running on NT4 server (sp6a), using a Yamaha 2200E CDR/W. Trying to run a backup - if your backup set is small (< 50 mb), runs fine. On a large backup - dies early on (at 30mb, at 11mb, at 31mb the last 3 tries).




Just loaded the v3 drivers and tried again with the same results. it stops at a different point every time i run it...




Backup to file seems to work - but I haven't tried the same Source as the one I'm failing with now. Is it possible that the CDs are just cheap? We've used 3 different ones with same results - but all were from the same pack...




What to do next?

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I use, per Yahama advice, TDK CD-Rs....but now am told the CD-RW itself is not compatible with OSX




Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 09:12:37 -0700


From: "CDR Tech"




Subject: Re:








OS X is not supported yet, and expected to not work at this point. We are looking into this and hope to be able to include it in our supported OS's when it is determined to be compatible. You will need OS 9.1 for us to troubleshoot this issue.




We support getting the drive to work as a reader in OSX but not as a writer. The built in recording software like iTunes and Disc Burner in OSX is not supported by us, you will need to check with Apple for support in their recording software.




Roxio has OSX Support if you get their software then they will support you on this, providing this drive is on their Hardware Compatibility List.




This drive is unsupported on OSX with NeroMAX at this point but this support is coming soon. We have no ETA on this at this time.








Thank You for contacting, Technical Support



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I'll try = on iMac, using profiler, it shows "CRW2100IX, vendor ID-a0dem soeed 400 mb/sec , GUID 10542593d, Vendor Yamaha, Unit ver. 66691"




two other devices, the internal CDRW and the apple optical mouse both say "Apple disc burning supported" there is no such notice on the FW attached device.

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If the CRW2100IX doesn't say "Apple disc burning supported" then it definatly isn't supported under OSX. The IX drive is not supported at this time, however, with Retrospect anyway.






On another note, I did find this interesting. You said "...apple optical mouse both say "Apple disc burning supported".... I am unaware that you can burn with a optical mouse. This is very strange. Why does it say this I wonder....for the mouse!?



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I wondered about the Yamaha but spoke personally with yamaha people and also DANTZ people to make sure it was the right CDRW (I was buying a second one specificlly to run Retrospect so wanted to make sure ofthe expense) and also posted a Q on this Forum about whether the Yamaha model I got (specifically it says on the purchase order 2100FXZ) would work and was told that it would for sure....I have updated Retro. now to the most recent build so let's hope that works (tho I don't hold out much hope since I got a message last night of a 206 hardware failure....)




Thanks for the help




I too wondered abut the mouse thing -- but I swear it's shown on the System Profiler as Fujitsu mechanism, Apple disc burning supported, and says its a USB Apple Optical mouse...who knows??

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well that's the problem...I specifically bought the FXZ, it says that on the sale receipt, I specifically asked for it and when you run the Retrospect Device to check it = it says 2100E...which is according to another poster, equivalent to the FXZ....I don't know why Profiler says it is an IX and Retro says it is a 2100E and the sale was to be an FXZ

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