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HELP! Recycle backup losing files

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Hi folks,




I'm a fairly new user of Retrospect Server version, using it with a Qualstar tape library. I'm having trouble with backup sets not being complete. The other night I did a Recycle backup, with 'All' files selected. When I compare the list of files in a volume using the Volumes Database with the list of files in the Contents Report, there are huge discrpancies! Whole subfolders are missing from the contents report, and these are not cache folders or anything like that. Here's an example of the net result:




from Volumes database: 29646 files, 1.8 GB


from Contents report: 14460 files, 856.7 MB




The log file reports no errors for this volume:


- 6/15/2002 5:17:11 PM: Copying Programs & Data (E:) on RIESLING 6/15/2002 5:28:38 PM: Snapshot stored, 4,330 KB


6/15/2002 5:28:43 PM: Execution completed successfully


Completed: 14460 files, 856.7 MB


Performance: 78.4 MB/minute


Duration: 00:11:28 (00:00:31 idle/loading/preparing)




Help please. I'm completely baffled! I would love to hear any suggestions about what may be happening. This is very troubling!






Greg DeAngelis



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Just a follow-up to this. The problem seems to be with the Backup Contents view. It only shows me a subset of the files that should have been saved in the Recycle backup. But if I go into Restore, I see all the file and I can retrieve a file that does not appear to exist in the backup set according to the Backup Contents window.




Any ideas?




Greg DeAngelis

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This is correct. It's the way it works.


I see one slight issue that you may have later.....You are not using verification. Retrospect copies and then reports everything was successful. We highly recommend you using Verification as then after it copies it runs through a compare stage to make sure everything it copied is right and it can be used later. You may of had errors in your backup that we will never now about with verification off.

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Hi Melissa,




Thanks for your response. I'm still a little confused. In what way is this 'correct' behavior? Shouldn't the backup contents display show all of the files that were backed up? Can you please explain? Is there some setting to change? Would it have showed all the files if Verification was ON? I don't mean to be dense, but I guess I am not appreciating the utility of this feature right now...




I know about the benefits of verification, and I usually have it on. But I backed up a big server in this instance, and it would not have completed over the weekend with verifcation on. But I take your advice seriously on this... thank you.







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