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Selecting Directories

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I am trying the trial version of retrospect express. I explained to a Dantz


representative I wanted to backup selected directories of my Windows 98


system. I wanted emergency recovery in case of a hard disk crash but I


didn't need to backup all the directories because some were already archived


on CDs. The backup device to be used was an internal CD recorder. There


are about 12 GB used on the hard drive and I expected substantial






In trying the software I did not find a way to select the directories to be


included and there appeared to be little compression. After the first two


disks were writtend only 1.3 GB had been backed up, so it looked like 18 or


19 CDs would be needed.




Am I using the right verison of your software to backup selected


directories, provide emergency restoration in case of disk failure, and use


a reasonable number of CDs?



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If you would like to specify directories as sources for backup, we have to define them as subvolumes.




When you are in the confirmation window for an Immediate backup (Ready to Execute), or when you are editing your scripted backup, click on the Sources button which will take you to the Volume Selection window.




Highlight the hard drive containing the folders you would like to backup, and click the Subvolume button.




Navigate to the folder you would like to backup, and click Define.




You can now select this folder as a source to be backed up, instead of the entire hard drive.




Repeat this process if you would like to define more than one Subvolume.




To select more than one subvolume for backup, use Ctrl + click to highlight multiple folders.

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