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Multiple Tapes


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Windows 2000 Server, with 2 ADR 50GB Onstream drives


Backing up 40GB data (30GB fits on one tape, no hammering about this see also http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=knowledgebase_article&id=459)


Backupset's name: Backup


Type of backup: Recycle


Name of tapes: 1-Backup (all tapes, this is possible because of the recycle job)






Backup 40GB data on 2 tapes unattendend each day of the week.




Should it work?:


Yes, see this http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=knowledgebase_article&id=32






Retrospect asks for 2-Backup to proceed after tape 1 is full.


When selecting the second tape (doesn't mater is this is called 1-Backup OR 2-Backup) Retrospect will continue. But this has to be done automaticly.




Where I believe the problem lies:


Retrospects sees both drives, but the backupset can only backup to 'tape' (so for the backupset there is no diverence). There is the problem, if I have a tape in drive 1 and start backuping Retrospect starts, but also when the tape is in drive 2. So it always starts but when tape 1 is full it doesn't continue to tape 2




Solution I would prefer:


Tell me what to change so that tape 2 is automaticly selected and backup runs smooth

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Tape 2 should be completely erased and blank. No need to name it anything. Retrospect will handle this. And are you doing an immediate backup or scripted? Immediate backup will assume you are there and will wait for you to put the tape in and let Retrospect know it's there. Automated will take it and use it, its self.

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Indeed Retrospect will handle the naming but after one succesful run the tapes will be namend 1-backup and 2-backup and those tapes will be used again and then those tapes will have that name. In my post I just wanted to be specific.




I'm using a script and let that script start itself (even with testing I set the start time to start in 1 min and let it run itself) But Retrospect STOPS after one tape and asks for the next, when I select that one en click go on everything works fine but till that time it doesn't continue.




If you like I can send you a screenshot this weekend?

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