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Crash/Reboot During Retrospect System Scan

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I have a new Compact Presario 2700T. It has Windows XP Home Edition pre-loaded.




I use an PP external HP Colorado 20GB Travan Tape Drive.




When I begin the backup process with Retrospect 5.6.127, (with the late4st drivers from the Dantz web page), the system crashes and reboots. When the desktop finally appears and I open MS Configuration Utility, a line is added to the Startup group which reads, "dumprep 0 -4."




I shut down MS System Restore and all background programs prior to attempting a backup. Nothing is running except, "Essential Windows XP Services," and Retrospect Desktop 5.6.127.




What is the reason for this reboot and how can I fix it?

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Yes...uninstall. But keep your config files. They are found in your Retrospect Folder.... They are called config55.dat and config55.bak. Pull those out, drop them on your desktop. Uninstall. Reboot. Reinstall the new Trial. BEFORE launching the new Retrospect that you installed, open your Retrospect folder and move your config files back in. Now launch and you will be using your old configs with the new 132 build of Retrospect ;)





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