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Restoring from file

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HI there,




This is the first company I have worked at that used Retrospect, and I have run into a little problem that I'm hoping you experts can help me with.




We have two copies of Retrospect Server one installed on SERVER1 and one installed on SERVER2.




From SERVER2 we back up SERVER1's E: drive to file (backup.rbf) the file is stored locally on SERVER2 then later at night from SERVER1 we back up the file to tape. Now I am trying to restore a file from the backup but am running into problems.




I am able to restore backup.rbf from SERVER1's tape drive to SERVER2. From SERVER2 when I choose 'restore files from a backup' and select backup.rbf as the source, when I go to select files it appears as if there are no files in the backup. If I choose 'restore an entire disk' and try and select files I can see the entire directory structure of SERVER1's E: drive.




backup.rbf is 490MB which indicated that it must contain some data, does anyone have any idea what's happening here?




Thanks in anticipation.





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The .rbf file sounds like it is your catalog file. You need that catalog file for the BU set that you are trying to use. I assume your trying to restore the other machines backup set and can't.




Let's try this:




Setup a "blank restore" so that we can view all files


(including different versions) that are in this backup set. Here is how:




Please go to Immediate > Restore, and select Search for Files and Folders,


and then proceed to select your Backup Set. Click OK.




In the Destination selection window, select the destination drive and


Retrieve Files & Folders from the pop-up window. Click OK.




Leave the criteria field blank, and click OK.




In the confirmation window, click the Files Chosen button. This will build


a browser window containing everything in your Backup Set. Try navigating


to the files that you would like to restore.




Mark these files for restore, and execute the restore.



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Thanks for your prompt reply. I'm using v511 on SERVER2 from Immediate > Restore, I choose Search and Retrieve Files I select backup.rbf, choose my destination, leave the criteria blank and on the next window when I click Files Chosen I get the following message:




There are no search results to view yet.
Please click searching to search for files.




Any ideas?




Also if backup.rbf is just the catalog file where are the actual files?




Thanks again



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If your backing up to a Hard Drive, then the files are in that .rbf file too. If your backing up to another device, then they are on the media.




Nothing showed up when you did this. Wierd....


What does it say next to selecting right before you click on Files Chosen?

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