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Too Many Sessions

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I am running Retrospect Workgroup 5.6 over a small LAN and backing up 6 clients. The server is a Win2K machine with NTFS drives. The clients are a mix of Windows machines. Everything has worked reasonably well up to this point. Unfortunately, the software has stopped backing up both the clients and the server to the destination hard disk file claiming that it can't add another session(limited to 2400 sessions). However, browsing the backup set in Retrospect lists only 691 sessions contained within that backup set. I've tried repairing the file but that had no effect. Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated.

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Well, I performed whatever recatalog takes 7 hours to complete. The archive contains roughly 271,000 files and the rebuild proceeds reasonably quickly until it is about 75% done. Then the speed drops way down and takes almost 6 hours to get through about 10 GB of files. I suppose I am left with the simple option of starting a new backup file. Thanks for your comments and help Melissa (a.k.a. Free Dantz Tech Support).

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