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1. SQL - we do not have an agent for SQL. We cannot backup SQL while it is live. We are working on an agent for this.




2. We can backup all open files except open databases and open PST files.




3. You can fully restore a system if it crashes. In our User guide we have instructions on how to do a complete restore. www.dantz.com/knowledgebase also has instructions.

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Retrospect 6.0 now has a Open File add on utility. Multi-volume Open File Backup allows files to be backed up even if they are opened and being used. This is important to ensure proper backup of line-of-business application servers which are up and running 24 hours a day such as Exchange, SQL Server™, customer relationship management applications, and accounting packages. For desktop and notebook computers, files containing email messages or calendar appointments can be backed up while they are in use.




For more information, please see:



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