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One file cannot get backed up

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One file that always yields an error "didn't compare at offset 66 in stream" in one of my backups sets. During the backup no files are open -- not this one or any othres. This does not occur with any other files (so it isn't a media problem), and does not occur with the file in other backup sets. The file does not seem to have anything wrong with it, I can open and read it, and Norton SystemWorks 2002 does not find anything wrong.



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I tried moving the file up to the root directory of the volume, but it still could not be backed up in this backup set. However, I duplicated the file in the root directory by copying and pasting within Windows Explorer, and Retrospect backed up the duplicate. The file is a 4 MB PDF file, read-only. It loads fine in Acrobat. My other backup sets backup this file just fine. Each backup set uses software compression and DES encryption, with different passwords for each backup set.




In summary: it's not a media problem, because no other files exhibit this behavior. It's also not a simple problem of one file being corrupt, since other backup sets can save the file just fine.

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After a while, I found that this file would not be backed up by any of my backup sets (each of which was encrypted, but some with different passwords). However, if I duplicated the file, the copy would get backed up. Ultimately, I ended up copying the file, deleting the original, a renaming the copy with the original name. This backed up okay.




That was a .PDF file (portable document format, readable by Adobe Acrobat). Since then, one .mp3 audio file has exhibited the same exact behavior, with the error 'didn't compare at offset 68 in stream ""'. A duplicate of the file backs up fine.



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