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Logging in and out while running backups

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I think my last post regarding can't log out while retrospect is running was misread.


As the task (program) is running a backup I log in to the server. I do my thing and log off. Retrospect wants to stop running if I log off. As an Administrator I can't stay logged in to the server if I'm not there (company policy prohibits users from staying logged in to their workstations if not there, admin personnel most definitely).


If retrospect is performing a backup when I log in then when I log off and the backup is not finished then I either have to stop the backup and reschedule it or stay with the server until the job finishes. Neither of these scenarios is acceptable. I need to be able to log in and out as necessary to perform other task on the server and continue to have retrospect perform its' function without delay/interruption.


Anyone have a workable solution?



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Since Mac OS X’s logout command includes shutting down all currently running applications, an active Retrospect backup is cancelled by logging out. Schedule a script to run a few minutes in the future and then log out.




In contrast, because the Retrospect client runs as a daemon under Mac OS X, it will continue to run even when you log out.




Are you on OSX or Windows? Windows I believe is the same way.

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I've been having the same problem, and just got an excellent piece of info from Dantz phone tech support:




The Launcher service defaults to running in the context 'local user', meaning whoever happens to be logged into the computer. Which is an incredibly stupid default setting for a server, but luckily you can change it!




Control panels, administrative tools, services, Retrospect Launcher, Log On tab, and set it to "This Account", browse, administrator, type in password, OK, stop and restart the service.




I havent actually tried a script yet, but from tech support's quick answer it sounded like this is a common problem and it makes a lot of sense on why it wasnt working before and why this should work now. Thought I'd pass it on! :)







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