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Scripts not working

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Recently had to install a new hard drive. That caused a drive letter change and forced a reinstall of Retrospect. Now the backup scripts that I had created no longer appear or work. Tried recreating from the disk and it goes throught the motions but when I try to run the script I get the screen wanting me to create a new script. If I create a new script using the same name as the old script it says that script already exist and cannot be used. Of course I don't want to create a new script and have to start using new disk, so how do I go about bringing the old script into the picture????


any ideas or help would be graciously accepted as tech support and their FEE BASED support now sucks. This is my last version of this junk.. but while I am using it I still want it to work.




Thanks in Advance,


Jim Butler

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It sounds like you need to edit your script. Go to Automate/Scripts. Click on your script and click edit. Then re-pick your source drive for backup. You probably will see two C drives listed there (one being your old drive, one being your new one (if it is drive C)).... Pick the one that you can browse as that is the new one.




Hope this helps!

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