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error 530

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Can someone please help?




I have about 20 clients in a peer-to-peer windows98 network; I am able to backup most of them except for a few I am getting "530, could not find client". I can ping to those clients and I can browse through those clients using the network neighboorhood; yet, Retrospect is unable to see them. WHY?




Pease help

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Are they sleeping?


Do they have a screen saver on?


Do they have any engery saver modes on? This would cause an error 530.




Without going to a script....


If you go to Configure/Clients and try to access a client through there, can it find it?

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FROM Parthis:


Thanks Malissa:


No, they are not sleeping. Some of them are shutdown with the Retrospect screen saver on; I know with the Retrospect screen saver on the backup should go on and shutdown automaticcally after the backup.


Also, if I go to the configure tab manually I can see the clients (pcs and macs).


99% of the times, the backup of the macs start, then, it get stock in the early stage of the backup( for the macs only, the pcs are OK)




Thanks again Malissa

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So it sounds like it is normally when the script launches on its own that it has problems seeing the Windows 98 clients. But if you manually go and look at the client through Retrospect it is fine.




Hmmm. What is the main backup machine's operating system that Retrospect is installed on?


98 too?

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the main machine is a windows 98 second ed. Also, it is not the pcs that the backup can not see; it is the macs. The Pcs are OK


Just to make it clear:


it is not that it can not see them but, the machine hangs after copying the first few files from a mac machine.


In my backup script, I put all the pcs on top and the macs after now because at least I will have the pcs backup.




thank you

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