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URGENT-Can't install:

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I'm attempting to install the Desktop trial on Win2k (SP2). Downloaded the executable, no problem. But attempts to run immediately fail. I opened a command prompt window and tried again. I get an immediate error "Program too big to fit in memory".




I've got 256MB or RAM, gobs of disk space. Any suggestions? I'd really like to try this software out!!!









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The first thing to do is to download a new installer - Yours may be corrupted.




Are you running anything in the background or in the systray?


Turn all Virus checking software off.


Have you tried installing this on another computer at all?


Are you installing to the main C drive?

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Free memory by closing files and programs you no longer use. If you


still get this message, remove memory-resident programs (TSRs) or


unnecessary device drivers from your CONFIG.SYS file, and restart your






(This is from Microsoft's website)

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OK, we've tried:




* New installer (both of Desktop and Workgroup versions)


* No virust checkin in use on my computer


* No background/systray stuff


* Install on another (Windows 2000) computer


* Yes installing on main C drive (doesn't matter yet -- the installer


won't even get started!)




It's almost acting as if it were a compressed package that is too large for the program that was used to compress it. In other words, this is a 20MB compressed file, which is larger than the old DOS compressors can handle. The installer *.exe file shows up on my system as a DOS program, not a Windows program. Could it be that the current files on the web site were not created properly?







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