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Simultaneous Backup and Duplicate

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Currently, I am using Win98SE with Retrospect Express and 128 MB RAM. I am backing-up to a 40 GB external hard drive (F Drive). I plan to upgrade to Retorspect Desktop so that I can create dupes with registry and system files.




I would like to create backups and duplicates on the same drive (F). A Retrospect Technician said this would be possible, but that I should create the Duplicte file in its own folder on F:\.. I will, of course, be updating both the back-up and duplicate.




My question: Will the update operations affect "flagging" of files, or disrupt in any way either the duplicate or the back-ups during subsequent incrementals.









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If you duplicate


C to F(some folder on F).


And you backup C to F or C to tape or C to what ever, then you will be fine.




If you backup C and this F Folder....then it will always "recopy" the F Folder as there is new data in there every time you run a duplicate.




Hopefully we are on the same path.... ::I am not positive we are talking about the same things::





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