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Retrospect Not Liking My Tapes

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I am running Retrospect 5.5 with a Quantum DLT4500. We have an unattended tape backup scheduled every night, but it keeps failing. It gets to the first tape fine usually, but eventually it can't find one of them within it's timeout. The backup spans 5 tapes. Originally the problem was that I had tapes in the library with the names:


1-Tape Backup Set


1-Tape Backup Set


2-Tape Backup Set


3-Tape Backup Set


3-Tape Backup Set




I fixed that so that it was 1-5, and erased them all. I got this from it's e-mail notification:






Report generated by Retrospect.




Media request for media "2-Tape Backup Set" ("2-Tape Backup Set") timed out before script could finish.




I've also had it give me that on 3-Tape Backup Set. Anyone have any idea what the problem might be?

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