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Minimize program to tray

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Hi All,




Is it possible to minimize the Restrospect Server application to the tray.


As I understand it now, the software needs to be started and stay on the taskbar.


Wat I want to do is running the server in the background without seeing it. Possible?









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Hi Melissa,




Thanks for the answer.




So how do I run Retrospect as a service? Is it installed automaticly?


When I close the application it always asks wether I realy want to quit or run the server.


I choose to run the server and the application stays on the desktop.









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How do I get Retrospect to run as a service?




Retrospect for Windows always runs as a service when it autolaunches itself


to run a scheduled backup. That is, if you set a script to run some time in


the future, you quit, and then Retrospect launches itself to run the backup,


it is running as a service. In fact, it will, in this context, run even when


you are logged out of the OS under NT, 2000, and XP. In this context, you


must log in to the OS to interact with Retrospect's interface. When logged


out under 95, 98, and Windows Me, Retrospect will also launch as a service,


but you will be able to see and interact with the user interface, which


actually runs in front of the login window.

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Ok, I think I get it.


Does Retrospect handle "Backup Server" scripts/jobs in this mode as well?


I can understand that 'normal' backups are easily handled this way, but what about those jobs/scripts that check and backup clients on the network? Does the autostart-service handle this as well?









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