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Restoring files from diff. storage set

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Hello all....I am trying to do something and need some help




I have 3 backup tapes that comprise 3 different backups and multiple storage sets. They are periodic backups of my server so i dont need to backup everything all the time. The first tape back up everything from 12/08/2000, the second tape backs up everything that was modified from that point through all of 2001, and the third tape backs up everything that has been modified so far in 2002. I had a catostrophy in my office and had to toss my server. I am in the process of setting up a new one and want to know the best way to restore all of these tapes so i end up with the most up to date files in the correct directory structure as opposed to some directly that is labeled the storage set and i would then have to move everything to where it belongs.




Thank you


Mike Wildman

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