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Trouble during compare

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I've been using Retrospect with my VXA-1 drive quite well for the last month.




Today I tried backing up some very big video files - 6-8 gig apiece.




For the biggest files I get compare errors. This happened for 5 files. I then tried backing up again and I got the errors on 4 files.




Both the hard disk and the tape drive are on Firewire.




I guess that I could keep trying to backup and maybe get lucky after a few more tries but I'm going through alot of tape.




Is there something else that I can do to be more successful?



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Here is the information from the log. Sorry it's not more descriptive.




Each file listed is over 1 gig. Madhu.avi is over 8 gig.




Thanks for your help.






- 5/5/2002 12:48:35 PM: Copying Firewire Disk 3 (M:)


5/5/2002 3:07:13 PM: Snapshot stored, 44 KB


5/5/2002 3:07:15 PM: Comparing Firewire Disk 3 (M:)


File "M:\Movies\2001 Slides.avi": didn't compare at offset 604,109,840 in stream "Data"


File "M:\Movies\Blue Army.avi": didn't compare at offset 153,287,596 in stream "Data"


File "M:\Movies\Madhu.avi": didn't compare at offset -1,628,701,060 in stream "Data"


File "M:\PTT\Disk 4\Christmas 2000.mpg": didn't compare at offset 625,802,036 in stream "Data"


5/5/2002 5:40:56 PM: 4 execution errors


Completed: 5 files, 21.8 GB


Performance: 153.5 MB/minute (160.4 copy, 147.2 compare)


Duration: 04:52:20 (00:02:38 idle/loading/preparing)



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