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Backup those OXS Cliens->win server workaround???

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I have seen the many archive posts stating that the current version of Retrospect windows desktop or server does not backup MacOS X clients. It will in a future relase and there has been no public statement of a timetable. Here's my dilemma:




I have close to 200GB of uncompressed DV and a few hundred other files on hardware RAID I need to archive to a few DDS4 tapes. I have a new project in 2 weeks and will need to free up the RAID to capure DV and start on this next project. The tape library is available over a 1000B-TX backend network to the windows XP server running the current retrospect release. I only have purchased retrospect CLIENT for OS X and OS 9.X. I don't have any of the standalone backup products. Here are three workarounds I thought of and would really like anybodys comments especially on number 3 as that would be least expenditure of $ and risk.




1. Attach HP tape library directly to Mac G4 tower. Would need to buy ultra-wide scsi card and Retrospect Backup for MacOS X.




2. This G4 does NOT have sys 9.x installed. This machine is for DV video editing using FCP3 only. No need for classic apps, didn't install it. I really don't want to and risk messing something up since I can't backup what I have now. I'm not even sure if OS 9.X would be able to see the RAID array. Have not tried that one ever.




3. Purchase the DAVE application from Thursby software and allow the Windows XP machine to mount the mac volumes as windows (SMB?) shares. Retrospect could then back them up as a network drive. Is there a reason this would not be a good solution? Might the retrospect clients do something special to the file attributes as they are backed up that DAVE sharing would omit possibly causing future "normal" mode backups to not work correctly?







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We currently do not have Windows version of Retrospect that will backup OSX clients.


We are working on this. This will be in the next release. We do not have an estimated date for this release at this time. Look for it sometime in the middle of summer.




1) yes. This is one way.


2) ok. You could use the 5.0 version if you purchase it on this machine since it is not running os9.


3) When using Dave we re-backup everything, every time. One of the things we look at when we go to backup a file is the time, using Dave makes the file time on files change by a second, which makes Retrospect feel it needs to backup everything again. This is something that customers have ran into.





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