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Not launching backup at designated time


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I purchased Retrospect Server in September at the beginning of the school year. I had a couple of tapes go bad, so I bought some new ones, erased them and tried to get them to work in my backup scheme. Since it choked on the new tapes and wouldn't run, I redid all my scripts and my tapes. Now it doesn't launch at it's designated time at all, the log only shows me when I launched it last. I am on Windows 2000, using Server v 5.5.158. I have tried stopping and starting the services, didn't seem to make a difference.




Any help is appreciated


Jim Muir

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Hi Melissa,




Yeah, I did all that. I ended up reformatting all my tapes and doing a weekly rotation backup with the instructions on the web site. Worked like a charm! I must have been thick-skulled about something in the other one...




Thanks for trying!



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