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remote backups, licensing, etc ?

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We have 2 LANs in 2 different locations that need to be backed up. There is a total of about 8 clients. We bought a Windows Server backup package.




1. Is it possible to backup remotely from location A to location B, these locations are connected via internet.




2. is it ok to backup locations A and B seperately under 1 100-client license (as indicated, we only need to use up 10 or fewer licenses) or do we need to purchase a 2nd copy of Retrospect since it is a different location (same company).







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1. Yes. Client gets installed on one machine and you backup that machine via the client. (maybe I misunderstood the question)




2. If you want Computer A to be backed up to Computer A. and Computer B to be backed up to Computer B. Then you need 2 copies of Retrospect. Maybe that is what your asking (?).

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