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Retrospect 5.6 will NOT recognized

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I have recently installed the Retrospect on my W2k Servers.


On one of the server it identify the Compaq 12/24 DAT drive, but says that the drive is empty when there is a DAT tape in the Drive.


I have went to your ( KB ) and it said to clean the drive, I did that and it still does not recognize that there was a Tape in the drive.


I went to your ( Hardware compatible list ) on your website to see if the Compaq 12/24 was there, and it was on your ( Hardware compatible list ).


Can you tell me why want the Retrospect 5.6 will recognized a tape when it is in the drive?


And it does not recognize the Sony CD-RW CRX140S SCSI and it is on your ( Hardware compatible list ) on your website


New customer to your Product.


The software is a New Purchase about a week old.


I really would like some help with this.

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Try this: go to your Device Manager, remove the driver you have for your tape drive.


Go back to Configure/Devices, does it see the tape now?


Is this a new, erased tape? Does it say that there is no media in the drive? If you rescan, does it show up?




As for the Sony CRX 140S, go to Configure/Devices/Environment tab. What does it say under version? You should have a minimum 1.0d for your firmware listed under there. If not, you will need to upgrade your firmware.




If you just purchased Retrospect you are entitled to 30 days of free support by calling Tech Support at 888-777-5664.





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