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Drive Status (Reserved)


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We recently had the tape drive replaced in a Win2K server. It was under warrenty so they replaced it with the same drive. My problem is that since the new drive was installed the drive status reads reserved and will not recognize that there is a tape in the drive. We had a similar problem when we first got the server but of course I lost the notes that I had. Thanks in advanced for any help. also I am running version 5.6 server







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Here's the Knowledgebase entry on that error:




If the status of the drive is "reserved," this means that some other program is loading a driver for the drive. If you're not using the drive with any other software, ensure that all other backup software has been removed from the system.




You can also try uninstalling any extraneous drivers that show up in the hardware manager. Retrospect has it's own drivers for all supported hardware built into the software itself and doesn't need to rely on Windows drivers.




If Retrospect for Windows reports a tape drive as having a status of "reserved" while using Windows 2000, try going to Device Manager and changing "Device Usage" properties for the tape drive to "Do not use this device (disabled)" and then restart.




Windows NT users can also try removing the tape driver from the Tape Drive Control Panel.




This should allow the drive to be used with Retrospect.

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