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operations log error


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Hi Everyone,


I am running Retrospect 5.1 with the updates. I run it on a dedicated backup computer running win2k server. I use terminal services to log into the backup machine. I have been getting a " -1020 sharing violation, Operations_log.utx" dialog when i try to start up Retrospect and Retrospect will not open. I can get it to start if I reboot the backup server, apparently it locks me out after it has backed up or run a script, this didn't happen when i was doing immediate backups. I have a couple scripts running, one to back up to an AIT drive, and the other is a file backup that is on another computer. I have looked around here but couldn't find a similar error.


Any help would be appreciated.





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Since it only happens when you do a script, You could try editing the Launcher Service. Go to your services control panel, go to the Retrospect launcher service. Stop the Service. Right click and edit the service. Put in your admin username and password so that Retrospect will use this when it launches. Save. Start the service again. See if that helps.

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