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Backup error: didn't compare at offset

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Another frustrating log item I am receiving:




File X: didn't compare at offset, in stream "Data"




I am backing up a slew of Win 2K (client 5.6) systems to a very large hard drive under W2K. Retrospect 5.6.127




File format doesn't seem to matter since it can be any of the following:




.xls, ppt, dll, exe, ttf, dat




This is supplemented by Mac Systems with this pair of errors:




File X : didn't compare at resource offset OR


File X : didn't compare at data offset




Any ideas?

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This error is basically the same as the File Appears Incomplete. They have the excact same causes.




What type of backup device?


How is the device attached to the computer?


Local backup or network backup when the error happens?


What is the operating System on the backup computer?

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Here is my setup:




A W2KSP2 system, 256Meg of RAM, 600 MHz Duron, 4 x 120 Gig HD for rbf storage and one 30 Gig drive for the OS. Each drive is NTFS with a single partition. Retrospect 5.6.127.




Different scripts use a folder on one of the four hard drives. For example BET-Desktops and BET-Laptops scripts both target the BET folder on Drive E. I have about a dozen scripts. The four drives on the server have been checked, and checked again for errors. No errors were found.




The motherboard has 4 IDE channels - 1 for OS HD and CD, 2 for 4 rbf file hard drives.




Errors occur while backing up clients across the network - 100 base-T, switched network. W2K and Mac OS 9 are the client OSes.

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