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Backup error: File appears incomplete

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I sometimes receive a log item where Retrospect 5.6 reports that




File x: appears incomplete.




I've seen this with .jpg files and .zip files.




The file, of course, can be opened on the client machine. Is this a false error or is Retrospect more sticky about file structure than the OS?




BTW, both clients are running W2K SP2.

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This happens when Retrospect has trouble writing the file to the backup media.




If this error happens, you may have trouble restoring the file later on; basically the backup failed.




You see this error most often due to device communication problems, bad cable, bad connection between the cable and the backup device, bad CD-R media, etc.

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I have this problem too. However, I get the error on exactly one file, and it is the same file every time. Thus it appears that the problem relates to the file, and not to communications errors, etc. The file is an old WordPerfect 5.1 file created many years ago. I have assumed that the problem has something to do with the way end-of-file was flagged by WP or some other artifact of the bygone DOS era.

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