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Knowledgebase Unreliable

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Retrospect died on me today with an Assertion Failure. In attempting to find the answer in the Searchable Knowledgebase, I was confronted with an inaccessible database. This has happened to me over the past couple of weeks as we try to get the bugs worked out on a new installation.




The first time, I was frustrated. The second, I was annoyed. The third, I was fuming and the fourth time I am ready to complain. My boss thinks I've been too nice to Dantz and should be raising hell.




What does it take to keep a knowledgebase on-line?





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I have to appologize to everyone on this forum for our Knowledgebase troubles. Trust me, no one is more frustrated with our Knowledgebase then I am.




So what is the deal? Well it seems that we have encountered a bug in the Knowledgebase software that causes it to crash every 2 hours or so (even more often sometimes). We spent a huge amount of time trying work around the problem.




We have finally decided to rebuild the Knowledgebase using MySQL, which should be available soon. So for now, every time the Knowledgebase crashes, I walk from one building to another (in the rain and cold) to restart the server (remote restarts don't usually work).




If it goes down, e-mail forums@dantz.com. It is the fastest way to get it restarted.

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