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Client error 541

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I have installed Retrospect 5.6 client on a dual-homed Windows 2000 server. One of the NIC cards is used for an internal lan, and the other connects through a DSL line to the Internet.




I am using a Windows 2000 workstation with a tape drive on it as the backup server.




When I try to add this client in Retrospect and use multicast, Retrospect doesn't see it. When I try to direct connect this client and type in its IP address, I get error 541.




I have connectivity to this machine. I can read shared files on this machine, and can administer it remotely.




When I launch the Retrospect client, it tells me it is waiting for a connection.




I believe that the Retrospect client is bound to the Internet NIC card instead of the Internal Lan NIC card, but I have found no way to change it. Can anyone help me. I really need to back up this server.




Thanks in advance.

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Here's an except from a Knowledgebase entry that might help you:




BindListener Instructions:


You must be using NT/2000/XP and want to force the client to bind to a FIXED address.


1. Use the services control panel to halt the Retrospect Client service.


2. In Regedit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Dantz\Client\5.0


3. Change the BindListener value from "" to the desired address.


4. Start the client service, open the control panel & verify the status is Ready or Waiting for first access.





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