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3ware EDIDE Storgae Cpntroller

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Dear Support;




I have Retrospec 5.6 Workstation, and am using it on a Win2k Workstation machince withan Onsteam Sc-30 tape drive. My system ghgas a 3ware edie raid storage controller which is the bootable primary and only bootable device on the system. I'm having prpblems dioing a disaster recovery.




Mode 1:




Follow instructions; boot from disaster recovery cd, and windows installer reports back that it can't find any hard drives to install the os on to. Yet when I check the retro_dr cd the controller card drivers are present.




Mode 2:




boot from retro_dr cd and load 3ware drivers via windows installer F6 command. windows installers detects hard drives and I'm able to partition, and format the drive. However when it goes to copy the os, before it copies it tells me it can't find the drivers for the controller card even thoug they are on trhe retro_dr cd.




Please help




Brian Vagnoni







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Dear Support;




Is there anyway to script the code so that it gets or finds the drivers. Also, during Mode 2, if I select to skip loading the drivers before the copy process starts, and I elect to skip 4 files 3wdrv100.sys, 3warerun.exe, 3ware srv.exe, & oemsetup.inf, it copies the rest of the files fine. I'm prompted to reboot, and when it starts to load windows during the second screen with the blue load bar at the bottom I get the following error inacessable boot device, please run chlkdsk /f.








Brian Vagnoni




PS Do real support people respond to this forum or is this all user based?

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This is actually a problem that Dantz is aware of, and will be fixing in the next release. The problem has to do with the way the custom installer script is handling 3rd party drivers.




For now, the best approach is:




If your computer crashes


1) Fix the drives


2) Install Windows to the hard disk


3) install Retrospect


4) Perform a restore entire disk


5) Restart




These steps will not take much longer then booting from the DR CD.

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