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Hang on Snapshot

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Desktop 5.6.132. WinXP Pro. Fat32 (4 3-gig partitions). Archive Python 2-gig scsi DAT drive.




Created a new, normal backup with C: as my source. C: is my boot and OS partition, and I wanted a separate backup just for disaster recovery. (I have a separate, daily backup of my D: data partition that's been running for several weeks.) My selections were only to exclude cache files. No encryption, compression by hardware, verify.




The backup completed with 1.8 gigs backed up from 19,000 files. During Building Snapshot phase, Retrospect hung. I've waited an hour and a half and nothing has happened. I can go from Pause to Continue with no change.




On screen I see "IIS Metabase." I don't run an IIS server. Nor have I seen this happen in previous Retr.backups. The last Log entry is just the start of this backup. TaskManager says Retro. is running and using 3-6% of server time.




Does anyone know why this might be happening and how to correct it?



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