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Catalog Rebuild

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I had a hard disk crash and I'm trying to rebuild some catalogs. I'm using a VXA tape. My problem is that the rebuild process is very slow. It reads about 2 MB/min. When I'm backing up files the speed is 100-150 MB/min. Is this normal, or is there something wrong with my setup or hardware?




This happens on both Versions 5.11 and 5.6.




My computer is a Pentium 2 450 with 512 MB of RAM. I'm running Win 2K. I have plenty of disk space.

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This is normal. Catalog rebuild takes alot of time. BUT....5.5/5.6 offers fast catalog rebuild. This means it can pull a copy of the catalog off the last member of your backup set and update from that point. This is very helpful, as it saves alot of time. The backupset must of been created using 5.5 or 5.6 though.

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Is this fast rebuild an option on OS X running Server 5.0? I'm in the middle of rebuilding from 13 DLT's and it looks like this is going to take over two days!!! I can't be without backup for that long. If not, is there a way to do an unattended rebuild from these tapes, so I'm not prompted between each one? This isn't perfect, but it will allow me to leave it running all night and not have to worry as much.





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Unfortunately, it won't help you this time around, but here's some suggestions for the future:




1. Keep a copy of your catalog file on a server or disk. You can even use Retrospect to automate a duplicate of the catalog to another server. You can then copy the catalog file back, should you lose the original, and have Retrospect bring it back up to date (Tools > Repair > Update Existing Catalog). Takes much less time then starting from scratch.




2. If you have a backup of this catalog file in a different (redundant) backup set, you can restore it, then update it in Retrospect under Tools > Repair > Update Existing Catalog.

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