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odd date/time control panel behavior

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Let me set the scene:


Retrospect 5.6, Windows 98 SE


Several backup schedules are defined, and the Retrospect app was not open.




I had the date/time control panel open, and was "thumbing" through the calendar. To my surprise, this caused Retrospect to kick off, it thinking that time had flown and it was time to run a (or perhaps catch up on many) backup script. Schedules wound up completely out of whack. Note that I had not "accepted" anything in the date/time control panel, and certainly had not hit "ok".




Why would Retrospect react to a time in the date/time control panel that had not been "commtted" by Windows? Is this a bug? If so, is it a Windows bug or a Retrospect bug? If this is not a bug, what is the point of having applications key off of time that had not yet been "commited" by the clock application itself?




Thanks much for any help. -- HB



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