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Library forgetting tapenames

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We are use 5.6 on a SBS 2000/SRP1 server and a Spectrologic library for 6 months and everything has been going reasonably well. However after using cut/paste in configure/devices to re-order the tapes in the cartridge, two of the tapenames have been blanked in the cartridge display. If I move one of these tapes to the drive, the proper name is shown and another slot is blanked (tape icon is shown, but tapename is blank, and properties are blank).




If I eject the cartridge and re-scan it, the same slots are blanked




Obviously some stored structure has been corrupted - but how do I correct it?





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Sounds like you need new config files. You need to pull out your configuration files found in your Retrospect folder on your hard drive. They should be called config55.dat and .bak.


Then relaunch Retrospect. Go to Configure/Devices and see if the tapes show up right again.




You will have to re-create your scripts and relogin any clients that you had. This basically launches a whole new Retrospect program.



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