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5.6 hangs


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I've spent the last three days backing up my drive with Retrospect 5.6. I backed up my drive on tape and On a USB hard drive. I used the file and the duplicate methods. Retrospect did back up my drive in all three instances but when it tried to verify the files, retrospect hung and I had to close retrospect down by using the "Close Program" box. If I checked off "verify files", the program backs up the files with no problems. What I think happens is that once the files are backed up, some program running in the background may Wright over some files. When Retrospect verifies those files, it logs the errors but if there are too many changed files, the program hangs. It should not hang. It should log the changed files and close when finished. The other backup program I have just log the changes of the changed files and do not hang up. I tried to close all of the programs running in the background which is very hard to do. I couldn't close them all. It seems as if Retrospect cannot deal with the changed files and it will hang up if too many are encountered.

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If Retrospect is hanging during a verify, it is possible Retrospect will hang during a restore. Any hang during verify would indicate an unsuccessful backup and may not be reliable.




Try going to Tools>Verify to see if any errors or hangs are generated.




>When Retrospect verifies those files, it logs the errors but if


>there are too many changed files, the program hangs.


>it will hang up if too many are encountered.




This should never happen, as others on the forum can report, Retrospect will generate 1000's of errors if needed without hanging.




Is Retrospect hanging when verifying to the USB hard drive as well as to your tape drive? Is the tape drive also USB? If so, maybe the hang is the result of a USB communication problem.




If you save a File Backup Set to the internal hard disk, and backup that disk to itself, does the hang still happen during verify? What happens if you back up a different source volume? Insert a CD. Can you backup and verify the CD?




Which Windows operating system are you running? If you are running Windows XP, you should do the following:




Try disabling "system restore" from System Properties for "all drives".

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I tried to backup my hard disk, again, today. This time I had no problem. Retrospect went throught the whole thing without hanging. What did I do? I checked my connection on my USB2 hard drive as Retrospect told me it had a communication problem. The cable wasn't well seated in the socket but it was well seated enought so that the USB drive could still operate. I closed some of the programs running in the background that I thought might writing on the disk. Maybe one of these things was the cause of my troubles. When I backup my drive again, will just the files that changed be backed up? It says append but I want the changes to overwrite the old files. Naxt I will try and make a backup to my enternal tap drive. I also will try and clone my drive to my USB drive again. When I lanch Retrospect, Floppy dish runs and I have the put a disk in it. It will run during the entire time that Retrospect is running. Can I stop that? Retrospect Light will not copy Window's registry. How can I restore my disk if I don't have that information? Would it be a good idear for me to upgrade to the next highter Retrospect my home computer. I only backup my disk once a month. I have WinMe.

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