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large, slow index files


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i'm running retrospect 5.15, backing up 35 clients, the total size of a complete backup is about 50gb, i'm doing one full backup then incremental backups for about 2 months before starting a new set.




after about 3-4 weeks my index size has grown to 300mb and when retrospect tries cross checking files on clients with that index everything on my pc goes very slow.




my machine spec is more than adequate, 733mhz, 512mb ram, running nt server.




any sugestions welcomed, is this a typical index size any tips to speed things up. i'm not checking file permissions on nt machines.

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Retrospect 5.15 was limited in how much memory it would use for scanning and maching, regardless of how much was available. To get the most out of your available memory, upgrade to the latest version from www.dantz.com/updates.




That said, scanning and matching is very CPU-intensive, and the more sessions in the set, the longer that process will take. A 300 MB catalog file is pretty large; you may want to consider recycling more frequently, or even rotating backup sets so that no single set grows too large.




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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